Environment & Ethics

At ProJob, we take the environment and ethics very seriously. Environmental considerations are followed throughout the manufacturing process and delivery. 

ProJob places high demands zn its suppliers in terms of manufacturing techniques, matzrials used and discharge of waste, and our suppliers have to adhere to the restrictions laid out in the Swedish Textile Importers’ Association chemical guide. They must also ensure that their subcontractors strive to reduce their use of virgin materials, discharge of non-natural materials, waste, air emissions, energy consumption and water consumption.

Our demands don’t just apply to the external environment – we also pay the utmost attention to the working environment and the treatment of workers in our suppliers’ production facilities. ProJob has policies which cover anti-discrimination, pay and working hours, working conditions, child labour and workers’ unionisation rights.

ProJob has drawn up a comprehensive Code of Conduct for its suppliers, setting out our full environmental and ethical rules.

New Wave Group CSR-leaflet.